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SGI Parallel Servers

The virtual laboratory (VL) of CIHBS offers high-performance online data analysis to our research collaborators as its core service. Calculations are executed on a supercomputer housed within CIHBS to perform complex and large-scale analyses. Upon registration, collaborators will have the privilede of using the extraordinary powers of calculation from their own offices through the Internet. We make use of a relay mechanism that provides a web interface (which can be reached from the NJS gateway shown in the left column) by which remote users are able to transfer data and receive results without need for direct access to the calculation server. Requested jobs will be queued on the relay server, and processed in the order received. The relay server promptly notifies the respective user via Internet mail when work on their requested job has begun. The server also provides a function to show the status of queued jobs by request from a client.

Our original analysis tools have been designed especially for high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. Independent component - cross correlation - sequential epoch (ICS) analysis is typical of calculation-intense functional MRI, which maximally utilizes the advantages of high-field MRI, and is the only available module for the VL at present.

 Gateway to Network Job Service (NJS)

Web interface to cast calculation requests.
* Available to registered collaborators only.

[NJS User's Guide]

Please contact for details of prerequisite registration. (We are sorry that registration for the VL is restricted to members of established collaborations only.)

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