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Collaboration with Dr. Peter Agre

Congratulating Dr. Agre for receiving the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

COE International Symposium

As Center of Excellence in human brain science, CIHBS hosted three international symposiums during the past years. You can view some snapshots by clicking on the titles.

Neuroscience of Music 1999 Modern Behavioral Neuroscience(2001) Human, Brain, and Medical Science(2003)

Collaboration with neuropathologists on the “21st Century COE” program

Modern medical science is facing a problem of extremely divided specialities, paradoxically causing uneven distibution of experts. Neuropathology is one of the disciplines that are in a critical situation for educating future professionals due to short of trained experts. To resolve the situation, pathologists in Brain Research Institute (BRI) in University of Niigata proposed a plan to integrate their world-leading expertise on research, consultation, and education in the field of neuropathology into Internet-based facilities as “Virtual University of Neuropathology”. The committee of the 21st Century Centers of Excellence (COE) program, which was launched in 2002 by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports, and Technology to cultivate a competitive academic environment among Japanese universities through focused support, adopted the proposal in FY2003 and decided five years of funding. As an established COE, CIHBS has been giving overall support to this project. For example, in building an electronic database of their enormous and unique collection of brain disease resources and developing a tele-consultation system for hospitals without trained pathologists, which form the infrastructure of the virtual university, we provided technical expertise in both software and hardware. An e-learning course on neuropathology is a product derived from the resource database and is now in service as the education branch of the virtual university targeted for neurologists, neurosurgeons, and especially future professinal neuropathologists.

Other symposia and meetings

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